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AVL Design, Installation & Commissioning

Are you interested in installing a new AV system inside of your church or venue?

All of the audio, video and lighting systems you will find for churches or arenas through Second Opinion Audio LLC are built in-house.

Second Opinion Audio LLC can provide you with the professional sound system design and installation services you need to get your systems up and running. We specialize in designing custom audio, video and lighting systems for churches, concert venues, arenas, and more, and we create our systems specifically for each client who calls on us for assistance. This allows us to give you the ideal custom audio and visual systems for your venue.

​Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Second Opinion Audio LLC utilizes acoustic software modeling techniques in order to determine which audio and visual solutions will be best for you. Whether you need professional audio and professional LED for a corporate environment or you need them for a place of worship, we have the experience, talent, and knowledge it takes to design and install the right sound system solution for your needs. In addition, we utilize everything from virtual acoustics and reverb immersion to audio imaging and beam steering techniques to maximize each acoustic av system we install, and we test every single product we use to make sure it passes the “Second Opinion Audio LLC” test.

We are the ones you go to when all others fail